Why Whole Plant? Why Full Spectrum?

November 20, 2020

The world of CBD Oils can be confusing! Let us break it down for you: Whole Plant Extract

Whole plant extract means–you guessed it–the whole plant is used for extraction: the flower, leaves, and sometimes stems. While most of the cannabinoids and terpenes are concentrated in the the hemp’s flower, beneficial compounds are found in every part of the plant. Why waste them?!

Yes! FreeWorld Medicinals CBD Oil comes from whole plant extract. In fact, we take this a step further by using spagyric extraction, a process that is exceedingly thorough and ensures we pull every bit of beneficial material from the plant. Be sure to know if your CBD product comes from Whole Plant extract or Flower Only extract. Full Spectrum Extract (and Board Spectrum and CBD Isolate)

Full Spectrum extract means that the extract retains everything naturally found in the hemp plant, including the CBD cannabinoids, terpenes (which give hemp plants their distinctive aroma) , natural fatty acids and flavonoids, and other cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, and THC. (Remember, all hemp plants contain, by law, less than .3% THC which is an extremely trace amount and is not enough to result in psychoactive effects.)

Broad Spectrum extract is similar to full spectrum, but distills out the THC cannabinoid.

CBD Isolate extract distills everything out except for CBD. You are left with no other cannabinoids or plant material… just the isolated CBD compound.

As you probably guessed, FreeWorld Medicinals CBD Oil is made with Full Spectrum extract. The inclusion of THC is extremely important for maximizing the medicinal benefits of CBD. There are several ways that CBD supports the endocannabinoid system and many of them include working together with THC through what is known as the entourage effect. Removing THC places limits on the beneficial effects of CBD on the body.

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