Spagyric Extraction and CBD Oil

November 21, 2020

What is Spagryic Extraction? Why Use it for CBD Oil?

Born out of a desire for purified plant medicine, spagyric simply means to separate, purify, and then reconstitute the refined active substances of a plant. Spagyric was developed by early alchemists and continues to be practiced by alchemists today.

The process involves several diligent, celestially influenced steps which focus on extracting the spirit, soul, and body of the plant. The spirit and soul are achieved through a slow soak alcohol extraction which captures the essential oils and terpenes of the plant. The body is achieved by burning remaining plant material to clean ash, mixing with water, and then reducing down to mineral salts. Finally, this is reintegrated into the alcohol extract.

Purifying component parts separately allows for a cleaner and more wholesome substance with greater bioavailability. And, important in the case of cannabis, it also extracts ALL of the active substances of the plant. This means no cannabinoid compounds are left out of the final product.

Why is this important?

We are finding out about the amazing health benefits of compounds like CBD and THC. But there are many other important and interrelated cannabinoids (e.g., CBG, CBN, CBC) found in cannabis plants, many yet to be discovered. Spagyric extraction gives us the most complete, concentrated representation of the plant.

In clinical medicine, the focus is to separate components in order to study their effects on the body. But at FreeWorld Medicinals, we also believe it is important to honor the magic of the unknown. We believe in the healing power of nature.

FreeWorld Medicinals CBD Oil Tinctures come from spagyric extraction. As a highly pure, holistic substance carried in organic MCT oil and flavored with organic agave, our oil is exceedingly efficacious for the specific healing needs of the user.


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